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Project Description
Implementation of BAML WPF localization approach in a user(WPF developer)-friendly and easy way.
Visual Studio Addin allows developer in a few mouse clicks prepare your application to localization and then finally get localized application.

LocBaml vs Easy Baml


Main features
  • WPF localization using BAML, similar to using LocBaml
  • Fully automatic operationing, no command line expirience
  • Generates minimum UID attributes in XAML with clear name
  • Only really localizable attributes are extracted to translation files
  • Localizion files are .resx files (not CSV), which allows translator to use familiar tools
  • Translation files are updated with new keys, without overwriting translated strings
  • Build is fully automized, also can be performed on TFS build server
  • Works smooth with signing assemblies and click-once manifest
  • Works smooth with Source Control
  • Localizable string resources (e.g. "Properties.Resources.MyString") as usually may stay in satellite assemblies
  • Easy and without overhead support any number of languages
  • Now supports VS 2010 only
  • Now supports WPF CS and VB projects (not Silverlight)

Why Easy BAML?
Describes BAMLs pros and cons, and why this project appeared.

Quick start

Gives overview of how to use "Easy BAML" for localizing WPF application.

Project news:

Alpha 1.0.8 release is available.
It includes improved stability and compilation time.
Please try it and write your feedbacks.
Soon I expect to provide description of some aspects of the solution.

Implemented by Konstantin Skiba.

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